International meetings

Our approach - Services

  • Needs analysis
    • Definition of the project
  • Technical advice
    • Validation of the number of interpreters required
    • Recommendations on the mode of interpreting, depending on the context
    • Definition of necessary equipment, where appropriate
    • Site visit, identification of technical constraints and validation of the working conditions
  • Recruitment of the interpreters
    • Matching of language combinations and fields of expertise
    • Equally competent interpreters are selected on the basis of their geographical proximity to the venue
    • Preparation of schedules, composition and distribution of the teams of interpreters
  • Preparation of the assignment (together with the organiser)
    • Documentation for the interpreters: compilation of preparatory material, research of terminology resources
  • Editorial services & written translation (on demand)
    • Before the event: writing / editing / translation of press releases, presentations, invitations, programmes…
    • After the event: writing / editing / translation of reports, transcription / translation of conference proceedings
  • Logistic support and à la carte services
    • Design of made-to-measure events (itemised quotes)
    • Relations with service providers, negotiations, coordination
  • Inclusion of sustainable development in the project management
    • Environmental ethics and social responsibility
    • Promotion of local skills
  • Debriefing
    • Press book (where appropriate)
  • Commitment to high-quality hosting and efficient organisation
Needs analysis and definition of the projects Communication, advice, commitment, trustOver 700 interpreters in more than 60 countriesMobile equipmentPreparation of the mission, documentationConference and liaison interpretingTranscription, writing, written translations Logistics, organization, coordination Business tourism Inclusion of sustainable development in the project managementQualified service provider